The Best Quality Possible.
For the Deepest Sleep.

At Winter, we strive to deliver the highest-quality mattresses to give you the sleep you’ve been craving.

Premium Materials

From 100% natural latex to pure organic cotton, we only use the most premium materials so you can feel the difference.

Science-Centric Design

We based our design off scientifically-proven principles to produce the ideal mattress for the deepest sleep. 

World-Class Manufacturing

Quality is never compromised at Winter. Our consistent manufacturing process delivers mattresses that last. 


As one of the world’s design capitals, Switzerland has some of the best craftsmanship. The various layers were mindfully engineered with the infusion of comfort and innovation.


Eco-friendly memory foam, 100% natural latex and triple heat-tempered spring coils. Our mattresses are non-toxic and sustainable — made with the most premium materials.


Each and every mattress is constructed, tufted, and stitched with delicate precision. The meticulous attention to details provides you with the longest-lasting mattress. 

How Winter Mattresses are Made

Pocketed Spring Units

Triple heat-tempered spring coils are encased in individual breathable calico pockets. This unit makes up the foundation of our mattresses.

Additional Layers

The spring units are stitched to the base to form the main structure. Additional comfort layers are then laid on top of the unit.

Attaching the Border

Natural fillings are attached around the spring units. They are then stitched while ensuring that the tension is constant throughout. 

Attaching the Surface

The mattress surface is manually secured to the mattress borders. This ensures that the comfort layers are well-locked.


The layers are pulled through the spring unit and then sewed down at each side. This process secures the layers of pocketed spring and natural fillings. 


Winter Sleep combines years of sleep knowledge with state-of-the-art technology
and materials to deliver a deep, restorative sleep.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in our premium mattress for your long-term sleep goals:

Prolonged Comfort

Each individual pocketed coil contributes to the overall strength of the strength of the mattress, thus giving it a much longer lifespan. 


High End Structural Componentry

Winter Mattress has a high-density foam base that distributes body weight evenly, hence allowing it to conform to any body shape or position effectively.


Ultimate Sleep

Our mattress’ upholstery consists of quality polyester, combined with organic cotton and natural fibers. The layers are combined to give that extra fluff.