Winter will refund buyers on their product purchases made on this website up to a 10-year period from the date of payment if all of the following conditions are met:

1. Product has not broken or undergone any damage due to negligence or mistreatment by the buyer, or from sub-optimal care of the product by the buyer

2. Buyer has taken care of the product in the following ways:
      a. Product has not been exposed to temperature fluctuations, which is to be determined by Winter
      b. Product has not been knocked, scratched or put under unnatural amounts of pressure (“unnatural” is to be defined and decided by Winter)
      c. Product has not undergone harmful amounts of physical stress (to be determined and decided by Winter)

3. The product shows abnormal levels of wear, tear and distress for its length of use (which is to be determined and decided by Winter during inspection)

4. If all of the conditions mentioned in 2 are met, there is no evidence that the conditions in (2) have not been followed, and the product damage can be proven to be due to a manufacturing defect, then the buyer will be entitled to a repair or replacement as decided by Winter on a case by case basis

5. Winter will always have full authority to decide if a buyer qualifies for warranty or not