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  1. Tim Wong

    Winter’s service, products and prices are excellent. I am extremely happy with my mattress, and I am having much better sleep with my back issues feeling much better. Thank you.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  2. Cherlin Ong

    I’ve been trying to get hold of a mattress for years that I find comfy and couldn’t find it. I suffer from waking up in the middle of the night with a achy back and struggle to get back to sleep. Bought the Winter mattress and as soon as I layed on the mattress I was impressed with how comfortable it was. I’ve had it for just over a month and I’ve never slept so well. No waking up in the middle of the night with an achy back. It’s so good that my girlfriend actually checks to see that I’m still breathing as I no longer snore or make weird noses while I’m sleeping. This is a must buy.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  3. Elaine Ang

    Good rest and comfortable.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  4. Hao Yi

    This bed offers everything I was hoping for! I sleep much better. I don’t get nearly as warm at night.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  5. Sherry Lam

    Words can not express how comfortable this bed is…… My husband and I can not wait to go to sleep!! Love Love Love!!

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  6. Jaslynn Ng

    Ok so I only got this 1 month ago, which is a little early to write a review. But I have really been loving this mattress so far!!

    I used to be a terrible sleeper, I would take maybe 1 hour plus to fall asleep, then I would wake up 4 times in the night.

    But now I barely wake up at all!!! Which used to NEVER happen.

    I know this might sounds a little crazy but it really changed my sleep hygiene. Highly recommend for anyone that has similar problems to me,

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  7. Jame Lim

    The service was excellent even though I had a lot of questions about the mattress. I was very impressed by the customer service team. And the mattress was as good as I thought it will be, and even better

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  8. Pei Qi

    Honestly I’ve never slept better! I spent many evenings reading as many reviews as I could before I purchased my Winter mattress…they were right! From the very first night I’ve slept like a baby, I wake every morning feeling refreshed. I’m a side sleeper, my old mattress would leave my shoulders and hips aching from the pressure in the morning but the Winter mattress cushions my body aiding a perfect nights sleep. I 100% recommend Winter mattress.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  9. Michelle Lim

    Much better than my old mattress. I never had such a cold mattress before. I don’t know how you guys do it, but easily one of the coolest and best mattresses i slept on.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  10. Elysa

    Perfect mattress, not so firm not so soft. Design is great! Mattress is really 10”. Bought it for our new apartment. Accurate delivery, it was quite heavy but well designed, just needed to cut the covers and it popped open!

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

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