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  1. Genevieve Teo

    As I write this I am actually lay on the bed after a good nights sleep, the way the mattress cushions my body and supports it is second to none.
    The springs that hold you in just the right place makes you feel like your sleeping on air, the mattress is medium to firm in my opinion.
    It allows you to easily move without to much effort compared to other foam mattresses. Highly recommend Winter mattress

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  2. Sherin Tey

    We are so pleased with our new Winter mattress, No more disturbed nights, no more roll together, just a great nights sleep THANKS.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  3. Melinda Toh

    The mattress is perfect. We sleep like we never did before. It’s not soft or hard, and it actually cools the temperature of your body. Would highly recommend

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  4. Chai Wen Xuan

    I’ve had my winter mattress for just over a month. I suffer from minor lower back ache and I have seen a vast improvement since using this mattress.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  5. Yiyang See

    The best mattress I have ever slept on. Well worth the money. It’s very cold. Highly recommend.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  6. Tan Y. Sheng

    We bought this mattress as both my wife and I were struggling with lower back pain. The mattress arrived after only 3 days and within a few hours was good to go. We were pleasantly surprised how deep this was. The first few nights the mattress did feel very firm but within a week we were both sleeping through the night and all lower back pain gone. Fantastic purchase.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  7. Andrew Kwa

    The best mattress I have ever slept on. Well worth the money. Highly recommend.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  8. Hannah Yeo Wen Ying

    After looking over hundreds of reviews for a number of online mattress companies we could not be happier after choosing our Winter mattress. We’ve both slept so well and we love that it’s the perfect firmness for both side and back sleepers. Thanks also for the brilliant customer service, ordering and delivery were both very easy.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  9. Kay Mi Lim

    Good delivery process.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

  10. Ramie Chan

    I brought my winter mattress about a month ago so I’m still getting used to it. I suffer from lower back pain and when I searched best mattresses for back pain Winter came up top. It was easy to unpack and ready for me to sleep on in 2-3 hours. It’s comfortable and I have seen some improvement with my back pain but I’m still adjusting having read more about review stating adjusting but cosy had my old mattress for over 10 years!!! I would definitely recommend a Winter mattress for a good nights sleep. Im looking forward to see how I get on with my mattress over the next couple of months.

    Winter's® MattressWinter’s® Mattress

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