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  1. We love the mattress when we tried it in the showroom. The mattress was very cooling and very comfortable to sleep on.

    Image #1 from Linda Wee
  2. My wife and I were having sleeping issues with our old mattress and were in the market for a new one. We tested many mattresses including the ones at the Origin showroom but they didn’t feel ‘right’ to us. We chanced upon this mattress from winter sleep at the same showroom and tried it out. It just felt right to my wife and I. Despite the price being a significant step up from it’s sister company, we do not have any complaints about the body support, quality of sleep and coolness of the mattress. This mattress + tencel sheets + aircon. bliss.

    Image #1 from Mateen Muhammed
  3. Replaced my Simmons Beautyrest with this. It is a great upgrade. Mattress is cooler, comfortable, yet firm.

  4. Mattress is very cooling even after putting my mattress protector and bedsheet cover. The base of the mattress has rubber texture which helps to grip the bedsheet. Mattress is soft on top and firm below. Good combination of firmness for a comfortable sleep. I slept well on the mattress and I have no complaints.

    Image #1 from YS Goh
    Image #2 from YS Goh
  5. Went around Singapore in search for a bed that is good for back aching problem and so far tried most of the famous brand including mattress use by 5 star hotel but all seem to be the same except winter mattress. When lay down the 1st time the clear cut different have shown how difference compare to the rest. My suggestion is to go down to their showroom to try out.

    Image #1 from Yi Kun Tan