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Peek into our customers minds and see what they think of the coldest mattress in Singapore

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  1. Sophie Talbot

    The mattress is super nice and medium firm! It’s perfect! thanks!

    Winter® MattressWinter® Mattress

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  2. Emily Tan

    A great medium firmness mattress which is good at isolating movement so you don’t feel it when your partner moves around.

    Winter® MattressWinter® Mattress

  3. Louise Loh

    My wife and I were in the market for a queen mattress to replace our older spring mattress. We opted for winter to try something different. I thought it would be much firmer, but it is a nice medium firmness. This one is definetly comparable to the mattress we slept on at the Hotel. This bed doesn’t put pressure on my joints. It supports your body, and allows your muscles to relax. I love it!

    Winter® MattressWinter® Mattress

  4. Genevieve Teo

    As I write this I am actually lay on the bed after a good nights sleep, the way the mattress cushions my body and supports it is second to none.
    The springs that hold you in just the right place makes you feel like your sleeping on air, the mattress is medium to firm in my opinion.
    It allows you to easily move without to much effort compared to other foam mattresses. Highly recommend Winter mattress

    Winter® MattressWinter® Mattress

  5. Sherin Tey

    We are so pleased with our new Winter mattress, No more disturbed nights, no more roll together, just a great nights sleep THANKS.

    Winter® MattressWinter® Mattress