A different pillow for every sleeper

MemoryCloud™ Classic

The first pillow designed with the proprietary Swiss
MemoryCloud™, the first of its kind.

For those that want to sleep easy every night, and experience the following benefits, proven by science:

• more comfort
• cooler sleep
• less insomnia
• less neck pain
• fewer headaches
• less waking at night and more!

MemoryCloud™ Extra-Cool

The only pillow you should consider if sleep is sacred and you can’t stand the heat.

Similar to the classic but with
IceCool Gel™
and a ventilation network to keep body temperature at the optimal temperature for deeper sleep, measured by the amount of
time spent in REM sleep.

MemoryCloud™ Neck Cocoon

Designed for those that have more sensitive necks and require more
spinal support.


The center of this pillow is made with softer MemoryCloud™, perfectly reshaping itself to softly cradle
the neck and keep in proper

Ideal for those that suffer from neck pain and headaches cause from tight necks.

MemoryCloud™ - the reason everyone loves our mattress & pillows

Designed in Switzerland

3D Printed

Eases Neck & Back Pain

Cooling Cellular Structure


Hypoallergenic & Hygienic

  Promotes Blood Circulation

Nano-structure simulates Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Memory Cloud™?

MemoryCloud™ is a memory foam blend created by our research team in Switzerland, after much effort, over a 6 year period.

The design team consisted of Orthopedics, Materials Science Engineers, Nanotechnology Engineers & Product Designers.

Which is why MemoryCloud™ is the most unique, high-tech blend for sleep products.

What does science say about MemoryCloud™?

MemoryCloud™ has been independently tested against traditional memory foam, sometimes referred as "tempur", numerous times.

It has been found to be superior in terms of:

• durability
• pain relief
• cooling capability
• subjective comfort

What does MemoryCloud™ feel like?

According to the studies so far, when using MemoryCloud™ you will feel the tension of your muscles and joints melt away, as it slowly massages the pain from years of wear & tear. Typically, highly significant benefits are seen within 1-5 weeks of use.

But according to some of our more creative customers, it feels like:

• "getting hugged by your loved one from behind"

• "getting massaged by 4 pairs of hands whilst gazing at the northern lights next to a warm crackling fire"

• "finding your child in public after a frantic search - total relief"

• "like MemoryCloud™, there's nothing like it"

Disclaimer: please note that the 4 bullet points above have not been verified by scientific studies - yet

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