MemoryCloud™ Pillows – The Journey

NASA created the world’s first memory foam

And people loved it. Memory foam became the #1 option for those that could afford it

But that was over 40 years ago,
So we set out to make something better

We commissioned a team

Of Orthopedics, Nanotechnology Engineers, Material Engineers & Product Designers

They used NASA’s memory foam as a starting point

And 6 years later, they perfected MemoryCloud™

The newest generation of memory foam blend,
The best memory foam science can dream of

Properties of MemoryCloud™

Designed in Switzerland

3D Printed

Eases Neck Pain

Cooling Cellular Structure


Hypoallergenic & Hygienic

  Promotes Blood Circulation

Nano-structure simulates Massage

Choose MemoryCloud™ for
Sleep that Heals

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Materials Science & Engineering (PhD), Head of Design Team

The brains behind MemoryCloud™

Our signature blend wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our team of experts, led by Thomas Meier, our Head Engineer.

MemoryCloud™ underwent a total of 18 official tests and design upgrades before being completed.

It was officially tested against common memory foam (also known as Tempur) and outperformed it across all major categories:

• Heat Dispersion

• Stress & Durability

• Pain Relieving Factor

• Perceived Comfort Index

• Allergy & Germ Vulnerability