About Us

Winter was built around MemoryCloud™ – the most advanced and sleep-friendly memory foam made to date.

What sets Winter apart is the vast amount of R&D. Because without R&D, there is no innovation. And without innovation, there is no progress.

It’s the technology and passion that we put into our work that makes Winter a new level of style & comfort.

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MemoryCloud™ – the best material to sleep on

So what is it anyways?

It’s a novel viscoelastic memory foam, which has a different structure and a different chemical composition in
comparison to traditional kinds.

The result? A more cooling, more supportive, more comfortable foam that eases pain, improves sleep
and allows us all to sleep and live better.


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Sleep Tips

Bad habits lead to bad sleep.

We want to help our customers make the most of their Winter products, and we want to help them turn their bad sleeping habits around.

Which is why we have a blog telling you exactly what one should do for better sleep. We share tips & tricks – all
backed by high-quality science!

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